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Tune into Harbour Island

From the hottest restaurants, the coolest cocktails and one-of-a-kind island experiences, the Dunmore Beach Hotel brings you the insider scoop on the top things to see and do in and around Harbour Island.

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    Seek Harbor This Holiday Season in Harbour Island

    Although not all of the Bahamas are connected by land, we still know how to throw an excellent party that runs deep with Bahamian tradition. If you are considering spending the holidays in Harbour Island, there are probably a few things you should know—we take our holidays very seriously! One of our party assets is the local Junkanoo band. This colorful, rhythmic posse will have you dancing the entire night away. Here are a few other ways we love to spread cheer:  

    You have to try all the local cuisines—from black cake to ginger beer your taste buds will be buzzin’ right into the new year. 

    Learn what it feels like to kick back and relax on the beach after a holiday well celebrated.  

    See a winter wonderland from an entirely new perspective, Caribbean style.  

    Sing with Christmas carolers and sway to the beat of a steel drum band. 

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  • Pink Sands Beach Bahamas

    Hand Off Holiday Responsibilities to The Dunmore

    It’s time to kick off your shoes and let The Dunmore do all the holiday planning for you. We love holiday traditions as much as the next person, but there really is nothing like letting go of your responsibilities and enjoying your holiday season to the fullest. When you come to Harbour Island for the holidays you can expect exquisite meals, plenty of sunshine, and quality time with your loved ones. 

    If that is not enough, the Bahamas is chock-full of wonderful island traditions to get you into the holiday spirit. One of our favorite local traditions in the Junkanoo Band. This band has been around for decades blasting their horns and beating their drums to pump everyone up for the holiday season. Spend your holiday season among friends and family this year in a place that is beyond gorgeous — relax, unwind and celebrate with the ones you love!

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    Brace for the Fight of a Bonefish

    Harbour Island has some of the best sports fishing in the entire world, people flock from all four corners of the earth to see what type of fish that can muscle out of the deep blue. One of our favorite fish to catch is the bonefish.

    This simple, skinny fish lives in the quiet shallow waters that surround Harbour Island. We truly enjoy the sport of bone-fishing because of the relaxing, quiet waterways they choose to live in. Bonefish are not a particularly large species, but they are a fun fish to fight and the reward for catch and release is even greater. 

    There are many charters throughout the island that will take you on half day and full day tours right out front in a flats fishing boat. Stop by the front desk today to set up the perfect tour for you and one friend.

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    Reach New Depths in the Bahamas

    Take your vacation to new depths when visiting Harbour Island. We are surrounded by the big blue, so that means our world revolves around it. A great way to see Harbour Island is through snorkeling. The Bahamas is known for our shallow reefs, bright fish, and calm waters, making it easy for the entire family to enjoy.

    Snorkeling is an island must and one of our favorite companies on the island, Valentines Dive Center, makes it easy to access the world below the waves. Valentines Dive Center runs daily tours that are excellent for first-time snorkelers. They choose the best spot depending on the weather and take you to at least two dive spots during every single excursion. The Boat Captain and Divemasters are knowledgeable and love teaching guests about their local reefs. So lather on your ocean-friendly sunscreen and grab your flippers, because you're about to experience the full effect of the Bahamas!

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  • Preparing Food at the Market

    Fresh Picks at the Harbour Island Farmers Market

    There is something so feel good about hand picking your produce and knowing that it is locally sourced. Every Wednesday morning from 9:30 am until 1:30 pm our petite island partakes in a Farmers Market, located right behind the Cocoa Coffee House.

    Try fruits and vegetables that are exclusive to the Bahamian Islands and take a peek at the handmade straw craftwork throughout the market. This market isn’t only for produce, you can pick up your daily helping of conch salad, sip on a daiquiri, settle in for an on-site massage, or do all three! 

    Harbour Island is a "do as you please" place and it’s important that you enjoy our island to the fullest. What better way to relax in paradise than to join the locals and soak up all the Bahamian love our island has to offer. Grab all your essentials and then some, before strolling your way back to The Dunmore.

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  • Shopping in Dunmore Town

    Beach to Boutique

    It’s true that here in Harbour Island we have perfected the phrase ‘On Island Time.’ Everything on our island is a little bit more simple than it would be in most places. We like tradition and we think it's important to cherish our culture.

    One thing that never seems to change too much is the shopping. When you head down to Princess Street or pop into a new shop, you can be sure that you will see one of a few things — shells, coastal painting, deliciously bright clothing and handmade artwork. A couple of our favorite places are A and A Hidden Treasures — a straw craft and souvenir store, The Sugar Mill Trading Co. — a retail and home decor store and Princess Street Gallery — full of delightfully colorful paintings of Harbour Island, just to name a few! You can find a full list of all the sweet boutiques on the island here.

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    Keeping it Local with Conch Salad

    You haven’t had a true island experience if you haven’t grabbed a bite of authentic Conch Salad. This delectable little treat is made from a mollusk that is native to the shallow Bahamian waters.

    The recipe consists of ten items or less but is a complete flavor explosion. Conch salad in Harbour Island, can be as casual or fancy as you’d like — you can pull up your golf cart to one of the many freestanding tables around the island or order it as your appetizer at a finer restaurant right down the street. No matter the setting you decide on it is sure to be a treat — this yummy dish is a staple to the Caribbean waters. It is a sin to leave the islands without getting your full fix of Conch Salad — try a few places and choose your favorite version! There is nothing more Bahamian than chowing down on this refreshing signature island dish.

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  • summer travel style the bahamas

    Summer Travel Style

    Summer is around the corner and in The Bahamas, that means longer and hotter days. While some might consider this “off-season,” we think it’s the perfect time to visit the islands.

    To help our visitors prepare, we’ve put together our three favorite essentials that will have you set for long walks on the beach, days spent poolside and ready for island cocktails when the sun sets. Grab your suitcase and go for the floppy hat. It might seem hard to pack, but we love wearing it to the airport and placing it over our carry on to get in the island spirit. It’s the best way to make a stylish statement while protecting your face, neck, and shoulders. The bigger the brim, the better! Next, a loose-fitting cover up for the ladies and a large linen shirt for the guys will keep you cool while you explore the island, or drive a golf cart to grab a light al fresco lunch. Lastly, think about your feet. A pair of strappy sandals that are secure and functional is key. No one likes running across hot sand. Go for a pair that works on land, sand and even in the water to protect your feet. Ready to grab your SPF and a cocktail? Check out our summer offerings and we’ll see you in The Bahamas!

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  • Swimming Pigs The Bahamas

    Swim with Swine in The Bahamas

    Yes, pigs can swim and yes, you can swim with them too! Forget the dolphin and stingray selfies and get in tune with one of the most interesting activities our islands are known for.

    Famous for giving locals and visitors the chance to swim with swine, The Bahamas are home to swimming pigs that truly are more happy to take a dip with you. Head out for an afternoon with Captain James and spend some time with Bahamas Ocean Safaris for an unforgettable experience. Custom create an excursion that lasts for an hour or a full afternoon exploring the Spanish Wells, located at the crossroads of The Bahamas and known for its quaint charm. Learn why your new four-legged friends love the area and what drew them to this particular location. Just make sure your phone battery is fully charged to capture every moment. It’s the perfect way to dive in, feet first, to the local culture and beauty of the island before heading back to the comfort and quiet of your beachfront cottage. We’ll have dinner waiting for you. 

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  • Pink Sand Beach Bahamas

    The Secret to Pink Sand Beaches

    Pink sand beaches. Yes, they really do exist and one of the many reasons why a trip to Harbour Island is on your bucket list. Thanks to microscopic coral insects, officially known as Foraminifera, the pink color of the sand comes from the bright pink or red shells that this single-cell organism uses for protection.

    And, their impact goes far beyond the beautiful pink sands of our beaches. These organisms play a key role in the environment and are the most abundant in the ocean waters. They call the underside of reefs home and the waves bring their shells ashore, which mix with the sand and coral. The result? Award-winning, pale pink sand beaches that stretch for miles. No need to hop from your beach chair to the water either due to hot sand. Part of the sand’s DNA keeps it cool, all year round, so you can stay barefoot without a worry. Now, we recommend taking in the beauty of this natural phenomenon (from the comfort of your beachfront cottage) or, if you so desire, trot along the water’s edge on horseback, one of the best ways to explore the pink shoreline.

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  • golf cart on the beach

    Golf Cart Island Adventure

    It’s all about the golf cart when it comes to island life and transportation. And, it’s the best way to take an island-time approach to exploring the surrounding area. 

    Allow our team to arrange for a rental that best fits your plan and get set to hit the road. We recommend hitting the open island road and checking out key areas around the island’s vibrant streets. Gallery hop, shop and taste some of our favorite local treats along the way at our favorite spots including COCAO Coffee Gallery, Arthur’s Bakery, Sugar Mill Trading Co. and Princess Street Gallery. This should go without saying, but exploring the island streets and taking a quick break to put your toes in the sand is a must! No plan is usually better vs. too much planning. We invite you to discover the island at your own pace and pull over for the best views of the Caribbean. Ready to grab the keys to the cart? Our team is happy to help. Reserve your island wheels now.

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    Historic Island Guide

    With crystal blue waters and world-famous pink sand beaches, we know you might never want to leave the resort. However, Harbour Island is home to a number of historical landmarks and both mysterious and natural phenomenon. 

    To help you navigate around town, we’ve put together a few, off-beach spots to check out while spending time with us and getting to know the island we call home. Don’t forget to bring your camera or iPhone to capture the following:

    Loyalist Cottage – featuring loyalist architecture, the cottage is the oldest building on the island and was built in 1797. Check out a recommended walking tour here that will take you along a number of roads in the area that are home to historic structures and design.

    17th Century Battery – built by the English to defend the island, a hidden overgrown battery can be viewed at the southern end of Bay Street. And, the cannons known as Roundheads, can still be spotted on site.

    Lone Tree – this mysterious tree is widely known and agreed to have arrived to the island sometime in 1992 as a result of a hurricane. While some say it was once an almond tree, others claim it’s a species of pine and how it landed in its upright position is still up for debate. Did it slide down a nearby hill or blow over from a nearby island? We might never know! Let our team help coordinate transportation to these sites and happy exploring!

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  • junkanoo bahamas

    Holiday Island Traditions

    Planning to spend the holidays with us on Harbour Island? Then you’ll want to stay a little longer and ring in the New Year, known as Boxing Day on the island, and celebrate Junkanoo, a Bahamian tradition complete with lively island gatherings, parades, and colorful costumes.

    On January 1, 2018, at noon, the island will take part in the national festival of The Bahamas, showcasing our local culture. You can expect an incredible celebration with perfected dance troop routines and live musical performances. Forgot to pack your colorful masks and feathered plumes? That's ok. A number of local vendors prepare for this annual event and offer street-side costume options to help you get into the spirit. Take note from the true parade experts and go for bold colors and bejeweled accessories. Be prepared to feel the beat, enjoy the tradition, and have some authentic island fun!  Learn more about this island tradition right now.

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  • TheDunmore Gallery (32 of 7)

    Wellness Meets Paradise

    Wellness meets paradise with a number of offerings created to keep you active, refreshed and balanced, putting you in the perfect mindset to take in the beauty and wonder of the Harbor Island. 

    Start any morning with a few of our favorite ways to awaken the senses including:

    Yoga: take in gorgeous views that inspire through a private yoga class and learn core movements that will stay with you long after you leave the island

    Watersports: no island experience is complete without spending some time out on the crystal blue waters. Choose from complimentary watersports including kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling

    Swimming: with an oceanfront heated pool, laps and low-impact exercise is the perfect way to fuse wellness with spectacular views

    Our dedicated beachside team is available to book appointments, set up days on the water and more. We can’t wait for you to spend a day in Dunmore style. For more information or to book an activity, click here

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  • tea set and open book

    Cocoa Coffee House

    First thing's first: find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, check! Cocoa Coffee House in Harbor Island, Bahamas has got you covered. There’s nothing more difficult than trying to make it through a vacation with no-Fi or Starbucks.

    Cocoa Coffee house saw the need to bring the Starbucks experience to neighborhoods in The Bahamas where Starbucks doesn't exist. So they partnered with Starbucks to do just that. Cocoa Coffee House is a quaint, yet trendy, locally owned coffee house open daily at 7 am. Enjoy amazing coffee and delicious acai bowls while browsing the web or meeting Harbor Island natives. Cocoa Coffee House inspires and nurtures the human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time—Bahamas style! 

    Store #1: Bay Street, Dunmore Town, The Bahamas

    Store #2: Marathon And Robinson Road Nassau Bahamas

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  • waffle and coffee

    The Landing

    There’s nothing quite like traveling the world and tasting different cuisines, and Bahamian Cuisine is arguably one of the best cuisines out there. It includes fresh-caught seafood, tropical fruits, rice, peas, pigeon peas, potatoes, and pork.

    Many may try, but few nail the cuisine just perfectly like The Landing Restaurant in Harbour Island. The Landing Restaurant serves contemporary-style Bahamian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh quality ingredients. The Landing Restaurant leaves quite the impression with its guaranteed freshness and the culinary genius that is Chef Madelene Pedican. From her ricotta pancakes at breakfast to the spicy crab capellini on the dinner menu, Chef Pedican is both skillful and passionate – which is reflected in the taste of her dishes. Be sure to add The Landing Restaurant into your itinerary when you visit The Dunmore. They serve breakfast from 8 am to 11 am, Sundays until noon, dinner 6 pm to 10 pm, and closed Wednesdays. For more information and to make reservations, click here.  

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  • Writing in the Sand

    A Dinner Time Fairytale

    Picture this: a romantic sunset dinner overlooking the pink sands of the Bahamas. A fairytale, right? Well, the restaurant at the Dunmore Harbour Island Resort will turn that dream into a reality. 

    For a romantic sunset dinner overlooking the pink sands of the Bahamas, island residents know there's no better spot than the Clubhouse at the Dunmore Beach Hotel. With a menu as chic as the restaurants' design, The Dunmore seduces its guests with flavor and charm. Their menu offers a selection of dishes that blend French and Continental-style cuisine with fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and local ingredients. What better way to take in the Bahamas than through your taste buds? Chef Phillip Armbrister pampers guests and captures the Bahamian spirit with his international culinary experience. 

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