Harbour Island

Harbour Island, in the Bahamas, is one of the most celebrated destinations in the Caribbean. On the Atlantic side of the island are the famous pink sand beaches. A three-mile stretch of indescribable beauty, the sand here is truly pink. Sifted and smoothed by generations of waves, the sands are coloured by finely crushed coral. A light rose blush by day, they become a vibrant pink at sunset. With its gentle sands and the ribbons of blue in the sea, it is often called the world’s most beautiful beach.

Beyond the beauty of the beaches is the charm of the island itself. This precious place is a historic destination, dating to 1791 when Lord Dunmore, who had a summer residence here, planned the streets of the town. Today, well-preserved cottages are nestled along the streets where golf carts are now the transportation of choice.

  • Travelling to the Bahamas and arriving at Harbour Island is like reaching a home that’s a part of you, a place you long to return, even before you depart

    On Harbour Island, people still say hello, have time to talk and remember you when you inevitably return. The climate and accessibility make our island a cherished destination for holidays and spring break in the Bahamas

  • There have been several books written about The Bahamas and Harbour Island

    • Fiction:
      Wind from the Carolinas
      By Robert Wilder

    • Non-fiction:
      The Story of the Bahamas
      By Dr Paul Albury

    • The Harbour Island Story
      By Anne Lawlor & Jim Lawlor

    • Harbour Island
      By J. Wallace Tutt, with an introduction by Diane Von Furstenberg

  • Beyond our own restaurant and bar, there are many options to enjoy the taste and flavour of our Island.

    • Sip Sip. This vibrant, casual beachside lunch destination is a short stroll from The Dunmore.

    • The Landing. This historic property overlooks the harbour, and is a consistently enjoyable destination for lunch or dinner.

    • The Rockhouse. Perched above the harbour, atop the historic Bay Street steps, this British Colonial-style property offers intimate dinners accompanied by sunset views.

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